YouTube TrueView

YouTube TrueView campaigns help drive interest in your brand using video ads on YouTube and partner sites. This form of advertising helps you get engaged audiences at the right price.

YouTube TrueView
YouTube TrueView Audience Engagement

Engaging Existing Audience

There are millions of videos being played on YouTube at any time, TrueView allows you to give your viewers a choice as to whether they want to keep on watching the video or to skip it.

All this gives you data, but do how do you know how long your video needs to be? How do you take into consideration your audience’s attention span?


This is where AdType comes in. Our team will help you create a video that conveys your brand story that resonates with your audience and market. Once approved, your video will go live and your traffic will start to grow.

Our account managers will optimise your campaign from day one to deliver the best ROI possible and even use TrueView for remarketing campaigns to make sure that your existing audience remains engaged and aware of your brand after purchasing.

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