Search Remarketing

Search remarketing is a subset of retargeting. It’s a process of optimising, broadening and customising bids for those who have previously expressed interest in your product after visiting your website.

Search remarketing Services
Search remarketing

Delivering Impressions to Existing Audience

For example, you might raise bids substantially for specific searches for those who have previously searched for specific things on your website. If you’re a wine merchant, you might target someone who has previously searched for a specific wine (we like a nice Ribero del Duero, by the way) so that if they search for that item again, you might be prepared to pay more for your advert to be in front of that person.

Broadening your keywords for specific groups could involve considering what people’s search intent is. A generic search for “gift” or “present” might not yield dividends generally, since as terms they are very broad, but if you’re a hamper company, you might choose to target people who have already been on your website and are searching for those terms.


At AdType we include Search Remarketing as an option in all our campaigns as long as it doesn’t diminish your brand values.

The aim of our Search Remarketing campaigns is to increase your ROI by delivering impressions to your existing audience.

Search remarketing

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