A well-coordinated pay per click campaign can change the fortunes of your business, providing plenty of ROI and having solid results even after it’s finished.

However, it’s more than just keywords and ad copy – it’s about testing, tracking results and creating a story that turns your visitors into customers.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box so that you get maximum return, and that’s what we do at AdType.

AdType PPC Services
Approach PPC Services

Our Approach to PPC

We are not your average PPC agency:

  • Data Driven – use 140 data points to understand your audience
  • Research Led  – target their precise demographics by using a holistic process rather than just focusing on keywords.
  • Result Oriented – Using a data-heavy approach, we get better results from Day One.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and we know that return on investment is the most important part of any campaign.


The result? More ROI, better margins and support from a team of PPC experts looking out for opportunities to positively impact your bottom line.

This is why we are network neutral and target all networks including Google, Bing Ads and Facebook and we use our own technology to plan, execute, monitor and refine campaigns.

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Google Shopping PLAs

Google Shopping PLAs

Our software is so powerful that it is able to analyse years of offline transaction data (from your stores for example) and turn this data into PLA campaign data.



RSLAs can be used in conjunction with an enhanced social media presence and other forms of social advertising.

YouTube TrueView

Using TrueView for remarketing campaigns you can make sure that your existing YouTube audience remains engaged and aware of your brand after purchasing

Search remarketing Services

Search Remarketing

Search Remarketing campaigns are used to increase your ROI by delivering impressions to your existing audience.

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