Introducing AdType

Well, HELLO! And how do you do?

You found the about us page (oh no!) so, since you are here, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you, you lovely person.

We are AdType, a team of scientists, marketeers, doctors and geeks who love data, analytics, marketing and a challenge.

If you were looking for a digital marketing agency then hit the back button and try another website. AdType is more than that.



We like to engage, educate and turn ROI upside down for all our clients.

Using next generation software, clever thinking and lots of coffee, we take on challenges from our clients and manage innovative campaigns that deliver positive results.

You see, for us positive results go beyond Page One rankings, as we do much more than that. Thanks to our secret sauce and coffee (did we mention we like coffee?) we hit your bottom line results with a hammer that breaks all conventions and delivers actual profitable sales.

In just one meeting we will show you how we can improve your business, how long it would take for us to get you there and how adorable we are. Seriously.

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