Google Shopping PLAs

Product listing ads are part of both AdWords and Bing Ads, and they are a vital part of our Paid Search campaigns for clients looking to expand their e-commerce presence.

Google Shopping PLAs
Google Shopping PLAs Approach

Focusing to Increase Your ROI

If a television advertising campaign is a sledgehammer, Google Product Listing Ads are more like a clawhammer – more precise but still a blunt instrument.

At AdType, our software has turned the AdWords and Bing Ads PLA interfaces into something more resembling a scalpel – one that’s able to precisely target your consumer to substantially increase your return on investment.

The software is so powerful that is able to analyse years of offline transaction data (from your stores for example) and turn this data into PLA campaign data.


This data allows us to understand your audience, what products they are most interested in, how often they purchase and why.

With the enriched experience that AdType offers, we can pare away irrelevant results and focus on your advertising story and therefore your target market.

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