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SEO content marketing is all about SEO and content. It really is as simple as that, although we know many agencies that like to over complicate things.

At AdType we simplify the process dramatically.

Typically, a keyword generation process is matched to your existing content, and then content is commissioned from professional writers to meet precise requirements for keyword density, clarity and relevancy.

In addition, the content needs to be engaging so that people actually want to read it.

Then, it’s given to a blogger who meets your requirements for relevancy and so on. Naturally, we monitor how the relationship performs so that you can be sure that your money is well spent, tracking various criteria.

Content Marketing SEO
Content Marketing SEO

Establishing Your Credibility as a Brand

As we establish your credibility as a brand and as a website, we create connections with your clientele so that they feel so they have an emotional involvement in your success.

This creates loyalty and advocates.

Gradually, this builds organic backlinks via social media and so on so that much of the work is being automatically done for you.

As your brand builds up advocates, the semi-artificial link building starts being replaced by natural links, providing even better authority.


All this needs to be managed carefully so that links are natural from the start and that high-quality blogs are used along with good content that meets your SEO needs.

Linking to specific landing pages that are created for the purpose of effectiveness and selling goods, backlinks direct traffic efficiently, establishing your authority and the authority of the bloggers that you’re using.

Content Marketing SEO

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