How to Find Backlinking Opportunities

Backlinking: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

A backlink is an incoming link to a web page. Historically, the number of backlinks a web page had was typically the determining factor in where a web page was ranked in search engines results. Some methods used to increase backlinking are more profitable than others. Take a look at some do’s and don’ts to consider when increasing your site traffic using backlinks.

How to Build a Library of High-quality Backlinks

When you have many backlinks, your site receives an increasing amount of organic traffic and receives higher rankings in search engine results, which in turn drives more traffic to your web page. So how exactly do you increase your number of backlinks? Take a look at these tips:

Leave do-follow comments on blogs – A do-follow link is a regular hyperlink that allows all search engines to reach your web page. Don’t spam your link on a range of blogs, as you may irk the blog owners. Instead, carefully select where to post your links to enjoy better search engine visibility.

Guest blogging opportunities are a great way to gain backlinks – Being featured in blogs that are relevant to your industry encourages people to look up to you as an expert. Another advantage is the ability to target referral traffic to your web page.

You can also increase the number of backlinks to your web page via the broken-link building method – This straightforward technique involves using a search engine to find websites in your niche area. Do this by searching for your keyword plus the word “links” or “resources” to receive a list of web pages. A variety of plug-ins for your browser lets you quickly search these pages and find any broken links. Next, contact the webmaster, sending a short introductory message indicating the broken links you’ve found and suggesting that the broken links be replaced with links to your website. Since you’re helping them out with a bit of housekeeping, they’re likely to return the favor and provide you with a valuable backlink.

Things to Avoid When Sourcing Backlinks

There are a few caveats when establishing backlinks. Take a look at these options to avoid:

Buying backlinks can be tremendously risky – Web pages engaging in the practice are often penalized, losing their place in the rankings for six months or more. Some websites that try buying backlinks reap catastrophic results and some fail ever to recover from it.

Also abstain from using web directories, as many of them are illegal – By using them, you also run the risk of your web page appearing as spam, which may lead to your web page being blacklisted by search engines.

Backlinking is an important part of any SEO campaign. However, making unwise decisions about how to establish and source backlinks can have severe consequences on your site’s reputation, its ranking on various search engines, and the growth of your site. Once your network of successful backlinks starts to grow, however, you’re likely to see the benefits of your carefully planned strategy.

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